Utica East Ohio 

Located in the core of the wet gas and condensate fairway of the Eastern Ohio Utica Shale. The system was placed into service in 2013. UEO gathers, processes liquids-rich Utica shale gas, and fractionates and stabilizes the associated NGLs and condensate.

  • Momentum is operator and commercial lead for UEO
  • Gas Gathering – 24” gathering spine connecting the Kensington and Leesville Plants
  • Gas Processing – 1.0 Bcf/d of cryogenic gas processing capacity at the Kensington and Leesville plant sites
  • NGL Gathering System – 12” / 8” y-grade pipeline connecting the Kensington and Leesville Plants to Harrison Hub
  • Harrison Hub – fractionation, condensate stabilization, storage and rail/truck terminal
    • 160,500 Bpd of C2+ fractionation capacity
    • 950,000 Bbls of on-site NGL storage
    • High capacity rail loading facility capable of unit train manifests
    • Pipeline connections to Enterprise TE Products and ATEX pipelines and Marathon Cornerstone Pipeline
    • 30,000 Bpd of condensate stabilization capacity